The Pest Management Industry Teams Up to Help the Homeless

The Pest Management Industry Teams Up to Help the Homeless

Arnold Ramsey of FMC Professional Solutions and Brad Koehler of Univar, Inc.

Arnold Ramsey, Market Specialist with FMC Corp., and Brad Koehler, Technical Sales Specialist at Univar, Inc., collect provisions and cash for homeless outreach in the Columbus area. The drive helped pest management professionals to provide coats, clothes, toiletries and food to more than one hundred people during a frigid cold spell in December 2013.

Imagine a winter that begins with snow a week before Halloween. Imagine not one but two bouts of the "polar vortex," sending temperatures into the negative digits for days. And imagine a storm so heavy that there were reports of snow "tornadoes," plus massive power outages and clogged highways.

Now imagine you are homeless.

That’s what was on the minds of Kevin Behrens of Univar, Inc. and Arnold Ramsey of FMC when they decided to host a provisions drive to aid the homeless in December 2013. Behrens had invited Ohio-based pest management professionals to an annual Univar holiday event and mini-tradeshow, but wanted to include a charitable aspect to the event. Behrens knew Ramsey and his wife volunteer their time with a homeless outreach program, so he gave him a call. An idea was born.

Knowing they couldn’t do it alone, Ramsey suggested they ask their friends in the pest management community for help. Between the two companies and the 65 guests, they were able to collect enough toiletries, sweatshirts, coats, blankets and scarves for 57 “provision packs,” and enough donations to afford turkey and ham dinners for more than 80 people.

Provision packs collected by pest management professionals

Arnold Ramsey’s wife, Sonya, with some of the provision packs collected by Univar and FMC.

“This is a matter of life and death for some,” said Ramsey. “We’ve lost four homeless friends due to weather already this winter. It is a huge relief and comfort for them to receive even the most basic provisions.”

“But it is more than just physical,” added Ramsey. “Most are extremely grateful for the simple fact that someone cares about them. One man wept when we gave him a new scarf. He had been using a worn out shirt as a scarf.”

Behrens and Ramsey would like to thank all the pest professionals who contributed to the effort, though they weren’t at all shocked by how quickly and enthusiastically their requests were answered. “You just put out the call and people jump to it,” said Behrens. “That’s what so great about the pest control industry. We’re doers and we’re givers.”
Here’s how you can help the homeless in your area:

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