Pest Control Company Has Success with a New Ant Control Product

Pest management professionals

Tim Baietto and Dave Novak of Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, Inc. use Transport Mikron as an ant control method.

Nineteen years ago, Dave Novak answered a “help wanted” ad for a service technician and thought he was applying for a job as a fleet mechanic. Quik-Kill president Paul Baietto, Tim Baietto’s father, had hired him but failed to tell Novak what was in store.

“The next day I was in a crawl space,” said Novak, now Quik-Kill’s service manager. “That was a surprise.”

Today, Novak handles all service-related aspects for Quik-Kill, which includes providing his team with an array of items to get the job done, from insecticides to detection devices to handyman tools. He works on both residential and commercial accounts, often accompanying his eleven technicians in the field. Novak has seen bed bugs resurge, as well as mosquitoes, but cites ants as the new “number one” pest in Illinois.

“Odorous house ants, Argentine, carpenter, pavement and citronella,” he said. “Bed bugs come and go, but ants are constant, even in winter.”

Novak uses a variety of products for ants, from liquid sprays to granular products to aerosols. Recently, he’s begun using Transport® Mikron™ liquid insecticide, which leaves “no residue and is totally clear.”

“Of course, nothing replaces a good, old fashioned ‘get-your-knees-dirty’ inspection,” Novak explained. “Many species can be ‘trailed’ to nesting sites, so I seek out the source and ask the question ‘Why are they here’?”

“Exclusion is important because simple repairs can make a huge difference,” he added. “That coupled with a great insecticide means another ant problem solved.”

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