Ohio PMP Trusts Transport® Mikron™ for Bed Bug Control

Ohio PMP Trusts Transport® Mikron™ for Bed Bug Control

According to Manson Collins of Buckeye Bug Services in Millersport, Ohio there are only two reasons why he has a pest control business: his iPhone and Transport® Mikron™ insecticide.

His iPhone lets him run his business from anywhere while Transport Mikron provides simple, dependable bed bug control. Finding these technologies was critical to Collins because his one-man Buckeye Bug is just over a year old and its focus is the industry’s most notorious pest: the bed bug.

“I simply would not be in business if it wasn’t for Transport Mikron,” said the ten-year pest control veteran. “That and the iPhone are what make it happen.”

Recently, FMC Pest Wire spoke with Collins to find out what other pest management professionals can learn from his singular focus:

    1. Target the bugs.

As an industry, says Collins, we are overcomplicating bed bug control. “I’ve seen companies rip a house apart or tell a customer they have to pay to heat treat the entire house when they should have started with where bed bugs feed, namely, the bed, the couch and other furniture.”

And though Collins concedes that some infestations do warrant such extreme measures, most new bed bug infestations can be controlled with careful inspection, documentation and treating just one or two rooms with insecticides.


  • Remember the two “R’s:” Residual and (Non) Repellency.



Though bed bugs mainly stay near human hosts, explained Collins, they still move around. That’s why his first step is always Transport Mikron, a product that offers long residual control and is non-repellant. That means the bed bug isn’t triggered to move away from the insecticide, ensuring a greater chance it will make contact with the insecticide. It also means bed bug nymphs that have yet to hatch at the time of treatment will still be controlled.

The residual is the reason Collins can offer a reduced rate for call-backs. “I tell people if they have a problem, I will come back for a reduced rate,” he said. “But rarely do I have a call-back. And this is crucial for a one-man operation like mine.”


  • Trust yourself and your suppliers.



Though Collins has extensive experience with bed bugs, including treating up to 20 sites a day when he worked for a national pest control company, Collins says those first few calls on his own were scary. Especially when spraying the cracks and crevices of furniture.

“A lot of products will leave a milky residue,” he explained. He says he recently visited a house with a light yellow couch and didn’t hesitate treating the seams as labeled. “I have never received a complaint about damaging furniture and that says a lot considering how many bed bug jobs I do each month,” he said.


  • Be discreet; be honest.



In the cities, like nearby Columbus, bed bugs don’t carry quite the same stigma as in past years. But in the suburbs and the country, his customers still get “really embarrassed” about bed bugs.

That’s another reason Collins chooses Transport Mikron, as well as other insecticides like dusts for voids, for a complete bed bug treatment. He can arrive at a job in his car, without the “giant billboard” of a heat treatment truck. “No one has to know I’m there,” he said.

Buckeye Bug Services

Manson Collins of Buckeye Bug Services of Millersport, Ohio.

That said, Collins does work closely with customers on prevention, and that means asking them to be honest with anyone who might have come in contact with the infestation. “I encourage my clients to take the necessary steps—removing clutter, washing sheets, alerting home health care workers and relatives—to prevent reinfestation.”

Buckeye Bug is a full-service pest control company that specializes in bed bugs. Service areas include Thornville, Lancaster, Newark, Zanesville and Columbus, plus all areas in between. For more information on Buckeye Bug, visit www.BedbugServicesColumbus.com.