WATCH: Kevin Laycock with PCT at PestWorld 2015

Kevin Laycock, insecticide product manager, spent time with PCT magazine during PestWorld 2015 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Kevin took PCT on a tour of FMC’s booth, and touched on product innovations FMC was highlighting at the show:

  • EndZone™ Insecticide Sticker, an easy-to-apply product for indoor and outdoor fly control;
  • Transport® Mikron, a flexible indoor and outdoor insecticide that won’t clog tanks;
  • Dual Spray Action for aerosol broadcast and crack and crevice treatments; and
  • Triple Crown® T&O insecticide for broadcast lawn applications, for PMPs looking to expand their services and grow business.

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RISE Honors Wendell Codner with Award for Volunteering

Congratulations to our own Wendell Codner, who was awarded the Committee Chairman’s Service Award from Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) in early January 2014. Wendell was honored for his eight years on the Programs and Membership Committee, two of them as committee chair. We spoke with Wendell about the importance of volunteering: First, you have an accent. Where are you from? I grew up on a farm in St. Ann, Jamaica. I came to the United States for college and then joined FMC. What’s your role at FMC? Currently, I’m the Business Manager for Consumer Solutions for our Professional Solutions division. We sell active ingredients to consumer marketers like Scotts and Central Garden & Pet who in turn sell their branded products to the consumers through stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. Why did you start volunteering with RISE? I started working with RISE in 2006 after hearing a former president speak at an FMC meeting. I started on the Programs & Membership Committee, which works on member recruitment and retention as well as designing the program and speakers for the annual meeting. Now, I am co-chair of the Strategic Oversight Council, which has responsibility for the development and implementation of the RISE strategic plan. Why is involvement important? As an industry we have a message that needs to be heard so that everyone — regulators, lawmakers, the public — can be better educated about the chemical industry and its associated benefits. And we have to keep at it day after day, year after year. In this country, if you don’t get in front of the...
The Pest Management Industry Teams Up to Help the Homeless

The Pest Management Industry Teams Up to Help the Homeless

Imagine a winter that begins with snow a week before Halloween. Imagine not one but two bouts of the "polar vortex," sending temperatures into the negative digits for days. And imagine a storm so heavy that there were reports of snow "tornadoes," plus massive power outages and clogged highways. Now imagine you are homeless. That’s what was on the minds of Kevin Behrens of Univar, Inc. and Arnold Ramsey of FMC when they decided to host a provisions drive to aid the homeless in December 2013. Behrens had invited Ohio-based pest management professionals to an annual Univar holiday event and mini-tradeshow, but wanted to include a charitable aspect to the event. Behrens knew Ramsey and his wife volunteer their time with a homeless outreach program, so he gave him a call. An idea was born. Knowing they couldn’t do it alone, Ramsey suggested they ask their friends in the pest management community for help. Between the two companies and the 65 guests, they were able to collect enough toiletries, sweatshirts, coats, blankets and scarves for 57 “provision packs,” and enough donations to afford turkey and ham dinners for more than 80 people.”This is a matter of life and death for some,” said Ramsey. “We’ve lost four homeless friends due to weather already this winter. It is a huge relief and comfort for them to receive even the most basic provisions.” “But it is more than just physical,” added Ramsey. “Most are extremely grateful for the simple fact that someone cares about them. One man wept when we gave him a new scarf. He had been using a worn out...

Six Questions for Robin Slatter, Director of Product Development for FMC Professional Solutions

As the new Director of Product Development for FMC Professional Solutions, Robin Slatter faces a host of responsibilities. In addition to overseeing development of new products for the U.S. pest, turf management and nursery/greenhouse industries, he will provide leadership and develop strategy for the entire division. A native of England who holds a degree in applied biology from the University of Hertfordshire, Slatter has 35 years experience in product development, technical service, sales, marketing and strategy. But just what makes him tick? We asked him a few questions to find out. Q: What was your greatest influence in pursuing a career in applied biology/product development? A: I had a childhood interest in wildlife — especially insects — so it was somewhat of a natural progression. Q: We know you are British, but have lived in America for many years. What do you still miss about life in England? A: Football (the one played with the foot) and warm beer! To be fair, not only is it as easy to see English football on TV here as it is in the UK now, but with my son I am now a season ticket holder to New York Red Bulls soccer team in MLS. There are also lots of microbrews now in the U.S., although beer is still served too cold! Q: Given your previous experience in the pest/turf management industries, what do you see as the biggest challenges for these industries in the next few years? A: The greatest challenge is to provide applicators sufficient tools to control a broad spectrum of pests/diseases, in an environment where costs of introducing...
Kudos to Tom Wharton and Arnold Ramsey for their dedication to the pest industry!

Kudos to Tom Wharton and Arnold Ramsey for their dedication to the pest industry!

Congratulations are in order for two of the pest industry’s finest! FMC Professional Solutions recently honored Key Accounts Manager Tom Wharton with the 2012 Sales Excellence Award and Market Specialist Arnold Ramsey with the inaugural FMC Safety Award. Tom Wharton has been with FMC for eight years, first as a territory business manager and now as key accounts manager. He received the award for his willingness to work closely and strategically with his customers as well as his dedication to the industry as a whole. Wharton lives with his wife, son and daughter in Moore, SC. He is a native Southerner, having grown up with agricultural roots in the Mississippi Delta. He received a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and a master’s degree in weed science and entomology from Mississippi State University. Tom was “completely surprised” to win the award, and credits his customers for pushing him to excellence. “What I like about the pest control industry and FMC is the same thing — that entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “I also appreciate my customer’s openness and honesty; as a team, we can continue to grow this industry even more.” Arnold Ramsey received the inaugural FMC Safety Award for his help keeping FMC Professional Solutions employees safe. Ramsey helped design the Near Miss Reporting mobile application, which allows employees to document and report near-miss incidents immediately and without cumbersome paperwork. Employees can send detailed incident reports via smart phone or tablet, including photos and videos, so analysis of incidents is more immediate and changes to problematic systems can be made sooner. Based in Columbus, OH, Ramsey handles sales in eleven states...