WATCH: Kevin Laycock with PCT at PestWorld 2015

Kevin Laycock, insecticide product manager, spent time with PCT magazine during PestWorld 2015 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

Kevin took PCT on a tour of FMC’s booth, and touched on product innovations FMC was highlighting at the show:

  • EndZone™ Insecticide Sticker, an easy-to-apply product for indoor and outdoor fly control;
  • Transport® Mikron, a flexible indoor and outdoor insecticide that won’t clog tanks;
  • Dual Spray Action for aerosol broadcast and crack and crevice treatments; and
  • Triple Crown® T&O insecticide for broadcast lawn applications, for PMPs looking to expand their services and grow business.

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Ohio PMP Trusts Transport® Mikron™ for Bed Bug Control

Ohio PMP Trusts Transport® Mikron™ for Bed Bug Control

According to Manson Collins of Buckeye Bug Services in Millersport, Ohio there are only two reasons why he has a pest control business: his iPhone and Transport® Mikron™ insecticide. His iPhone lets him run his business from anywhere while Transport Mikron provides simple, dependable bed bug control. Finding these technologies was critical to Collins because his one-man Buckeye Bug is just over a year old and its focus is the industry’s most notorious pest: the bed bug. “I simply would not be in business if it wasn’t for Transport Mikron,” said the ten-year pest control veteran. “That and the iPhone are what make it happen.” Recently, FMC Pest Wire spoke with Collins to find out what other pest management professionals can learn from his singular focus: Target the bugs. As an industry, says Collins, we are overcomplicating bed bug control. “I’ve seen companies rip a house apart or tell a customer they have to pay to heat treat the entire house when they should have started with where bed bugs feed, namely, the bed, the couch and other furniture.” And though Collins concedes that some infestations do warrant such extreme measures, most new bed bug infestations can be controlled with careful inspection, documentation and treating just one or two rooms with insecticides.   Remember the two “R’s:” Residual and (Non) Repellency.     Though bed bugs mainly stay near human hosts, explained Collins, they still move around. That’s why his first step is always Transport Mikron, a product that offers long residual control and is non-repellant. That means the bed bug isn’t triggered to move away from the insecticide,...

Bugs in Bermuda? You Bet

When Walter Saul moved to Bermuda from Florida 28 years ago, it was for a six-month gig as a pest control training supervisor…or so he thought. “Six months turned into a year, then the operations manager retired and I stayed on… more than two decades later, I’m still here,” says Saul, who has been operations manager for Bermuda Pest Control since 1988. Considered an island paradise by most travelers, Bermuda sits in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C. Though isolated from the multitude of mainland U.S. insect pests, Bermuda still struggles with its share of pest problems. “Bermuda is predominantly volcanic limestone rock with about a foot and a half of soil sitting on top of it,” says Saul. “Basically, we are a 21- square mile ant mound in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!” Using baits to control ants is out of the question, according to Saul. “It’s a giant ant colony — mostly Argentine ants,” he adds. “The colony is too big to eliminate – but with the right tools, we can control the ants.” Through the years, he’s used many different products with varying degrees of effectiveness. But when Talstar® XTRA featuring Verge™ granular technology came on the market a few years ago, he began using it exclusively for his ant-control program. Talstar XTRA with Verge contains bifenthrin with zeta-cypermethrin, designed for fast knockdown and accelerated control. In addition, it provides up to four months of reliable control of more than 75 insect pests. “It’s the best of all possible worlds – they’ve got the dual formulation on a good granule that applies evenly...

Pest Control Company Has Success with a New Ant Control Product

Nineteen years ago, Dave Novak answered a “help wanted” ad for a service technician and thought he was applying for a job as a fleet mechanic. Quik-Kill president Paul Baietto, Tim Baietto’s father, had hired him but failed to tell Novak what was in store. “The next day I was in a crawl space,” said Novak, now Quik-Kill’s service manager. “That was a surprise.” Today, Novak handles all service-related aspects for Quik-Kill, which includes providing his team with an array of items to get the job done, from insecticides to detection devices to handyman tools. He works on both residential and commercial accounts, often accompanying his eleven technicians in the field. Novak has seen bed bugs resurge, as well as mosquitoes, but cites ants as the new “number one” pest in Illinois. “Odorous house ants, Argentine, carpenter, pavement and citronella,” he said. “Bed bugs come and go, but ants are constant, even in winter.” Novak uses a variety of products for ants, from liquid sprays to granular products to aerosols. Recently, he’s begun using Transport® Mikron™ liquid insecticide, which leaves “no residue and is totally clear.” “Of course, nothing replaces a good, old fashioned ‘get-your-knees-dirty’ inspection,” Novak explained. “Many species can be ‘trailed’ to nesting sites, so I seek out the source and ask the question ‘Why are they here’?” “Exclusion is important because simple repairs can make a huge difference,” he added. “That coupled with a great insecticide means another ant problem solved.” Looking for more information about ant control? Sharpen your ant identification skills with our ant identification...
New Video:  How to Properly Apply Liquid Pesticides

New Video: How to Properly Apply Liquid Pesticides

Hi, I am Lauren Wilson, technical service representative at FMC. I’m excited to share a new video from FMC with you! It’s about how to safely and properly apply liquid pesticide products. In the video, I will take you step-by-step through preparing for an application of Talstar® Professional insecticide. I’ll demonstrate these guidelines: Removing children, pets and toys from the area Wearing appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Storing pesticides away from children or pets in a locked cabinet Removing food and covering food preparation surfaces for indoor applications Using pesticides in well-ventilated spaces for indoor applications The video continues with an actual demonstration of using Talstar Professional insecticide in both outdoor and indoor applications. I show how to measure and mix the product, as well as: Making an outdoor perimeter treatment Making outdoor spot applications in problem areas Treating cracks and crevices around doorways and windows for indoor applications Wearing a NIOSH-approved respirator when applying in non-ventilated spaces NOTE: Shorter versions of this video are also available on the FMC YouTube channels: A new three minute video demonstrates how to safely and properly apply liquid pesticide products. View here: Liquid Pesticide Application Guidelines. A second new three minute video from FMC demonstrates how to make an ant-control application with Talstar® Professional insecticide — both outdoors and indoors. View here: Talstar Professional Liquid Pesticide Application Demonstration. Everyone at FMC is committed to safety and proper use of our pesticide products. We hope this video will help our customers correctly apply all liquid pesticides. For any questions concerning the use of FMC products, I’m available to answer them at 1-800-321-1362 extension...