Bugs in Bermuda? You Bet

When Walter Saul moved to Bermuda from Florida 28 years ago, it was for a six-month gig as a pest control training supervisor…or so he thought.

“Six months turned into a year, then the operations manager retired and I stayed on… more than two decades later, I’m still here,” says Saul, who has been operations manager for Bermuda Pest Control since 1988.

Walter Saul uses Talstar XTRA for Argentine ant control

Walter Saul is the Operations Manager of Bermuda Pest Control.

Considered an island paradise by most travelers, Bermuda sits in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C. Though isolated from the multitude of mainland U.S. insect pests, Bermuda still struggles with its share of pest problems.

“Bermuda is predominantly volcanic limestone rock with about a foot and a half of soil sitting on top of it,” says Saul. “Basically, we are a 21- square mile ant mound in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!”

Using baits to control ants is out of the question, according to Saul. “It’s a giant ant colony — mostly Argentine ants,” he adds. “The colony is too big to eliminate – but with the right tools, we can control the ants.”

Through the years, he’s used many different products with varying degrees of effectiveness. But when
Talstar® XTRA featuring Verge™ granular technology came on the market a few years ago, he began using it exclusively for his ant-control program.

Talstar XTRA with Verge contains bifenthrin with zeta-cypermethrin, designed for fast knockdown and accelerated control. In addition, it provides up to four months of reliable control of more than 75 insect pests.

“It’s the best of all possible worlds – they’ve got the dual formulation on a good granule that applies evenly and doesn’t cause dust,” Saul says.

He now uses the product for his exterior, perimeter treatments in all his accounts – both residential and commercial. He adds: “I haven’t found a granule yet that can beat it!”

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