EndZone Insecticide Sticker from FMC Global Specialty Solutions Selected for use by U.S. Department of Defense

FMC Global Specialty Solutions has announced that the U.S. Department of Defense has selected the company’s EndZone™ Insecticide Sticker for authorized use by the Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB) and has assigned the stickers a National Stock Number. In conjunction with the product’s selection, Dr. Dina Richman, FMC Professional Solutions’ pest product development manager, presented a workshop on EndZone stickers at the 2015 AFPMB Pest Management Workshop this past spring.

FMC Launches Dōs™ Aerosol

FMC Launches Dōs™ Aerosol

FMC announces the launch of Dōs Flea and Crawling Insect Spray aerosol with Dual-Spray Action (DSA) for efficient broadcast, surface, crack and crevice and spot control of fleas and other crawling insects. Dōs features a fully integrated actuating system that includes the straw, which provides pest management professionals (PMPs) with enhanced ease of use and accuracy. “It’s as easy as flipping the straw up for a targeted spot or crack and crevice application, and flipping the straw down for surface and broadcast treatments that require a wider spray pattern,” said Steven Mora, Insecticide Product Manager.  “With Dōs’s crawling insect label and DSA technology, PMPs only need to carry one product – a big convenience and time saver.” Dōs breaks the lifecycles of fleas and cockroaches, controlling fleas for seven months and cockroaches for four months.  Dōs is also proven to effectively kill ants, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, carpet beetles, and other listed pests. With Dōs’s innovative packaging, no over cap is needed.  There is a recessed spray button, a clip to hold the straw in place and a locking mechanism to prevent accidental sprays. “We chose this packaging with the PMP in mind – saving time, money and space,” Mora added.  With Dōs, PMPs do not need to carry extra straws and caps, or actually fit the straw in the actuator.  This saves time and increases application accuracy, explained Mora. Dōs comes in a 17 fluid ounce can (12 to a case), which treats up to 1700 square feet and is labeled for indoor applications in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional environments.  Dōs will be available in April...
New Video:  How to Properly Apply Liquid Pesticides

New Video: How to Properly Apply Liquid Pesticides

Hi, I am Lauren Wilson, technical service representative at FMC. I’m excited to share a new video from FMC with you! It’s about how to safely and properly apply liquid pesticide products. In the video, I will take you step-by-step through preparing for an application of Talstar® Professional insecticide. I’ll demonstrate these guidelines: Removing children, pets and toys from the area Wearing appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Storing pesticides away from children or pets in a locked cabinet Removing food and covering food preparation surfaces for indoor applications Using pesticides in well-ventilated spaces for indoor applications The video continues with an actual demonstration of using Talstar Professional insecticide in both outdoor and indoor applications. I show how to measure and mix the product, as well as: Making an outdoor perimeter treatment Making outdoor spot applications in problem areas Treating cracks and crevices around doorways and windows for indoor applications Wearing a NIOSH-approved respirator when applying in non-ventilated spaces NOTE: Shorter versions of this video are also available on the FMC YouTube channels: A new three minute video demonstrates how to safely and properly apply liquid pesticide products. View here: Liquid Pesticide Application Guidelines. A second new three minute video from FMC demonstrates how to make an ant-control application with Talstar® Professional insecticide — both outdoors and indoors. View here: Talstar Professional Liquid Pesticide Application Demonstration. Everyone at FMC is committed to safety and proper use of our pesticide products. We hope this video will help our customers correctly apply all liquid pesticides. For any questions concerning the use of FMC products, I’m available to answer them at 1-800-321-1362 extension...