Transport® Mikron™: a go-to bed bug insecticide for this Wisconsin PMP

The go-to bed bug insecticide for Nexus Pest Solutions

Will White faced his first bed bug encounter a decade ago when he got a call about a bed bug infestation in a student apartment at a local college. “I’d never seen anything like it; they were everywhere – walking up and down the walls like cockroaches,” says the Milwaukee-based pest management professional. “We got them under control, but to this day I’ve never seen a worse infestation.”

Flash forward to 2012. White, owner of Nexus Pest Solutions since 2007, averages 10 bed bug calls a week. “Bed bugs have really gained a foothold,” says White, who has been in the industry for 22 years. “As long as the customer agrees to do the prep work, we agree to do the treatment.”

Prep work involves encasing all mattresses, bagging all clothes and possibly discarding some of the furniture. He generally allows a week for customers to get ready before he makes a treatment. White’s protocol calls for dusting all wall voids, spraying a water-based product around mattresses and couches and making a residual application of Transport® Mikron™ insecticide.

“Transport Mikron is the workhorse of the bed bug application,” he notes. “I’ve always gotten great performance out of the product using it around the framework, in cracks and crevices and on the box springs. But now that Transport Mikron is labeled for mattresses too, it reduces the number of products needed to get the job done right.”

While 30 percent of Nexus Pest Control’s business is residential, 70 percent of its customers are commercial accounts, including restaurants, office buildings, apartments, hotels and retail operations. White also uses Transport Mikron in his restaurant accounts, but could never apply it in kitchen areas until last summer, when Transport Mikron received labeling for food-handling establishments.

“I was so happy when this label happened! Before that I had to carry two products into a restaurant job just to do their service,” White adds. “Then FMC took it to the next level and got the mattress label as well. It definitely reduces the number of products I need to do a good job. I really can’t say enough about Transport Mikron.”

Last fall, White’s area of Wisconsin was hit hard by boxelder bugs. Though they usually didn’t make an appearance until late September, boxelder bugs started showing up in mid-August in 2012. “I’m talking about Biblical proportions,” White says. “I thought it was a joke until I got out in the field and saw the high populations.”

White used Transport Mikron as an exterior spray to get the knockdown he needed to make his customers happy. “It held up very well for those accounts – I never got a callback!”

For Nexus Pest Control, Transport Mikron is the go-to product for quarterly treatments, fall invaders, restaurant and retail jobs. “And now it’s my main product for bed bugs,” adds White. “I can’t ask for more.”

Watch our YouTube video to discover more about the additional benefits of Transport Mikron. For more information, contact your FMC Market Specialist.


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