The most popular 2012 pest control blog posts from FMC Pest Wire.

The Best 2012 Pest Control Blog Posts

We thoroughly enjoy sharing news, resources and stories to the pest control community and we look forward to sharing even more in the upcoming year. As we transition into 2013, we would like to highlight our top pest control blog posts from FMC Pest Wire in 2012.

  1. Tackling Ticks and Fighting Fleas
  2. Last winter’s mild weather created ideal conditions for fleas and ticks. In this blog post, we break down flea facts, tick truths and control tips so that you can be ready when you get calls from customers.
    Pest Control Blog on Fleas and Ticks

  3. The clear control of Transport® Mikron™ is now cleared for food-handling use!
  4. Since its launch in 2011, many professionals have turned to Transport® Mikron™ insecticide for their general pest control accounts. In June of 2012, we announced that we received supplemental labeling from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as a spot or crack-and-crevice treatment in both food/feed areas and non-food areas of food/feed handling establishments.
    Pest Control Blog on Transport Mikron Insecticide

  5. Mosquitoes: the Ultimate Wedding Crashers.
  6. A late June outdoor wedding in suburban Cleveland at 5 p.m. in the backyard of an underdeveloped property is an open invitation for mosquitoes to crash the party. To save the guests from these outdoor pests, Patton Marsh of Patton Pest Control used Talstar® Professional insecticide.
    Pest Control Blog on Mosquitoes

  7. Featured Pest: Caribbean Crazy Ants
  8. These nuisance pests can take over properties by the millions, with thick foraging trails that create a moving carpet along sidewalks, shrubs and structures. Discover how to identify them and read about the products our customers recommend to control them.
    Pest Control Blog on Caribbean Crazy Ants

  9. Product Spotlight: the Verifi™ Bed Bug Detector
  10. After years of development, extensive research and rigorous testing, we announced that the revolutionary new Verifi™ bed bug detector was available for purchase. In this blog post, we highlighted the design and technology that make this product so unique.
    Pest Control Blog on the Verifi Bed Bug Detector

What are some of your favorite stories or pest control blog posts from FMC Pest Wire in 2012?

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  • Terminix Pest Control

    All the posts are really amazing. They deal with matters that are really
    helpful for controlling pest. The good work will continue for the year also.
    Such posts are needed to make people aware about pest control. 

    • FMC Pest

      Thank you very much for reading! We’re looking forward to writing and sharing more in 2013. If you have any topics you’d like to see covered on FMC Pest Wire, let us know!

  • Joseph Driscoll

    Thank for collecting and sharing this info. This article can give everyone more info about dealing pest control company. Keep it up. Cheers!

  • Milton Keynes pest management

    I really found you article very informative and what I like the most is how you labeled the mosquito “the ultimate wedding crashers”. :) You are truly a good writer and articles such yours are very helpful in our daily battles against pest infestations. Keep up the good work!

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