Mosquitoes: the Ultimate Wedding Crashers

A Backyard Wedding Reception Tent

When Molly Patton Marsh was called on to provide preventative mosquito control for an outdoor wedding in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, she was a little nervous. As a former technician, Patton Marsh is used to making mosquito treatments on residential properties, but this particular job posed certain challenges.

“The wedding was being held on June 30 in the backyard of a huge undeveloped property in a fairly rural setting,” said Patton Marsh, now Chief Operating Officer of Patton Pest Control in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. “The ceremony took place near the house but the reception was in a large open field a quarter of a mile from the tree line and near a slightly stagnant pond. As an added complication, the dinner would take place in the middle of the woods at 5 p.m. – prime mosquito time!”

Knowing the challenges the situation would present, Patton Marsh visited the location ahead of time to create a map for her technicians. She noted where the tent and tables would sit as well as the location of leaf clutter, standing water, tall grass and other places mosquitoes were likely to be found.

“You have to think like a mosquito to do this,” Patton Marsh said. “We also planned to treat the parking area. You don’t want folks getting eaten alive on their way to the tent!”

For the treatment itself, Patton Marsh turned to Talstar® Professional insecticide from FMC Professional Solutions. “Talstar Professional works extremely well and provides a residual effect for at least a month and a half – usually longer for mosquitoes. For stinging insects the residual will last 90 days.”

Patton Marsh uses Talstar Professional primarily for limited residential surface applications – to prevent nesting on the exteriors of homes. However, she applies numerous mosquito treatments for parties and weddings, too. “I’ve learned to trust Talstar,” Patton Marsh said. “Once it’s dried, we’ve consistently gotten excellent results.”

Patton Marsh uses Talstar Professional on her own property to help ensure a mosquito-free environment. She also offers her neighbors discounts on applications of Talstar Professional to make sure their yards are insect-free. “I’m not taking any chances that mosquitoes – or any other nuisance pests – are flying around our neighborhood!”

As for the wedding, the homeowner who hosted the festivities was so pleased with the results Patton Marsh achieved with Talstar Professional that Patton Pest Control has since been hired to provide further services.

Have you scored a major victory over mosquitoes? Tell us about it in the comments section below or send us a tweet @FMCpest.

Photos courtesy of heidzillas.

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