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From Offices to Restaurants, EndZone™ Stickers Work!

Frank Mongiovi is used to fighting flies in commercial restaurant and bar accounts, but he didn’t expect to find house flies in a doctor’s office.

Frank Mongiovi, owner of Best Termite & Pest Control, Inc., in Tampa, Fla., has tried EndZone™ insecticide stickers in a variety of accounts.

Frank Mongiovi, owner of Best Termite & Pest Control, Inc., in Tampa, Fla., has tried EndZone™ insecticide stickers in a variety of accounts.

“The patients were really bothered by them. We tried a lot of things to get rid of them and couldn’t find anything that helped,” says the owner of Best Pest Control in Tampa, Florida. “We even tried closing the building on the weekend and turning heat up as high as it would go to dry out any moisture problems. But the flies were still there on Monday.

Then he experimented with new EndZone™ insecticide stickers from FMC. He put the 4-1/4-inch square stickers in different places within the office building where he saw the flies landing. “It worked! We checked back in a few days and the flies were gone,” he notes.

Containing a formulation of acetamiprid and a food source that attracts flies, EndZone stickers are clear adhesive squares. They can be placed on windows, on walls, under counters, near floor drains or on other surfaces where flies congregate.

“I never did find the source of the flies in the doctor’s office, but they didn’t come back,” adds Mongiovi. “The stickers are still working.”*

Best Pest Control has been in business since 1978, when Mongiovi started opened shop as a single proprietor. Since then, it’s grown to cover not only Tampa but the five surrounding counties. He employs 35 technicians, who handle pest control, lawn care and termite fumigation.

“We do a lot of restaurants and taverns — not all of them high-end,” jokes Mongiovi. “Food establishments attract a lot of flies….fruit flies, house flies, pharaoh flies, drain flies – you name it!”

Mongiovi started the company in 1978 as a single proprietor. He now has 35 technicians.

Mongiovi started the company in 1978 as a single proprietor. He now has 35 technicians.

Best Pest recently used EndZone stickers on a local establishment with “a heck of a fruit fly problem.” Previously, the account required constant attention with a variety of pesticide products and treatments. “But we put up EndZone stickers and got them under control,” he notes. “I’m impressed!

Mongiovi finds that flies are dying close to where he places the stickers.

So he trains his technicians to put them in an area where they’ll be away from tables or serving areas.

“I’ve noticed that when a fly enters a room from outside, it will turn right away and land on the wall,” he adds. “It rests there a minute to get its bearings. If I can put the stickers where I know the fly will go, I can control it before it flies anywhere else.”

Mongiovi has used EndZone in various locations, from office buildings to beer parlors and everything in between. “I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in residential accounts, as well,” he adds. “They are a great new tool for fly control.”

*Note: EndZone stickers start to kill flies within one minute after they ingest the bait matrix and provide residual control for up to seven months indoors and four months outdoors, when protected from rain, excess moisture, dirt, dust and filth.

Mongiovi has worked with FMC Market Specialist Bruce Ryser for 26 years.

Mongiovi has worked with FMC Market Specialist Bruce Ryser for 26 years.

New Customers from the Ground Up with Totality™ Wood Treatment

 Termites Structural Wood Damage

Termites can cause severe structural damage quickly. Protect your customers’ most important investment with Totality™ Wood Treatment from FMC.

Looking for a way in with new residential customers? Belle Meade Exterminating, Co., an independent pest control firm based in Nashville, Tennessee, gets leads on hundreds of residential clients each year by offering termite pre-treatments for new housing, and then following up with those clients after the one-year guarantee expires. And according to Andrew Douglas, director of operations for the 55-year old firm, his new client pipeline has gotten even more efficient thanks to Totality™ Wood Treatment from FMC. Besides being easier to mix and store, Totality allows Belle Meade to perform termite pre-treatments year-round, which is important in central Tennessee, where the housing market is on the rise.

Though wood treatments are approximately 15 percent of Belle Meade’s total termite sales, they offer a direct link to new families moving into the area. Each pre-treatment is guaranteed to keep the structure termite-free for a year, so after the one year mark Belle Meade technicians ask the customer to continue the termite protection program and add a general insect control program. Since most homeowners are new to the area and haven’t yet contracted with another firm, many sign up with Belle Meade.

Belle Meade has performed termite treatments for new housing since 1974. And though they offer both wood treatments and liquid soil treatments, Douglas prefers treating the wood. “If we can mix one or two gallons of finished product and treat the wood of a structure rather than use hundreds of gallons applied to the soil in, under and around it, we have protected both the structure and the environment,” he said. “It is effective, quicker, easier and more profitable.”

Wood treatments also offer practical benefits, he said. There is no second trip to treat the backfill and there is also a longer treatment window. “With wood treatments, we have about two weeks to apply the insecticide [after framing but before plumbing and electrical] but with soil treatments you’ve got to get in after the foundation but prior to the slab, which can be a couple of days at best or a few hours in the worst case,” he said. “Inevitably the contractor forgets to let you know, so you’re sending out a technician at the last minute. Wood pre-treatments are much easier to schedule.”

Totality Wood Treatment from FMC

Totality™ Wood Treatment from FMC is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply, and easy-to-store formulation with the termite-fighting power of FMC bifenthrin.

When Douglas was asked to test Totality, at first he was skeptical, as he is about all new products. But after working with it for more than six months, he was “impressed.”

“It is so much easier to mix, especially in cold weather,” he said. “While borates become more viscous in cold weather, Totality pours out easily.”

Douglas also likes that the technician needs only a small amount of active ingredient. “With Totality, one quart will mix up to ten gallons of product, which makes it much easier to transport,” he said.

In addition, Douglas likes that the product is easier on his equipment. “There is practically no clean up,” he said. “With borates, you have to clean it out thoroughly and quickly. With Totality, you just rinse and you’re done.”

All of these attributes mean more efficiency and time-saving. “Using Totality over borates may only save us minutes per job, but over a year, it adds up,” he said. “And in this business, as in every business, time is money.”


About Belle Meade Exterminating, Co.

Belle Meade Exterminating Co. provides exterminator and pest management services to the Nashville, TN community since 1959. For more information on Belle Meade Pest Control, visit www.bellemeadeexterminating.com or call 615-298-5555.

For more information on Totality Wood Treatment from FMC, visit www.fmcprosolutions.com.

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